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About Us

My name is Kevin and I literally just love to eat. On top of that, I thoroughly enjoy making a fool of myself for the sake of entertainment. Combine the two and you get Team Taylor! Here's the scoop...

What started out as a complete joke in 2019 is now I guess a little more serious? Lol. While the content itself is still being made for the purpose of entertainment, it has also shifted to a valuable source for NJ residents who are also on the hunt for great food. In the grand scheme of things we are all like a pack of lions in the Sahara Desert just waiting for a baby antelope to cross our paths so we can pounce. We head to deli's on the weekends with a purpose, we know what we are hunting for, and you better believe we're gonna get it. 

Where do I see Team Taylor heading in the future?

As I start to dip my toes in Italian Sub water, I am recognizing the pure passion for food as a whole here. You could pick any random sandwich and somehow an argument comes along with it. Mayo on an Italian Sub? Chup on a hot dog? Chup on a Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese? The list goes on. It is truly an engaged community and I am going to continue to bring people together through food. There are several visions I have for this business and I believe they will naturally come to fruition when the times present themselves. Thank you all for your continued support and participation in the conversations about the BEST FOOD IN AMERICA. Let's keep this train movin.


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