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Bagel Combos You Need to Try

Do these pairings have potential?

September 21, 2023 by Kevin

Last night I got a lot of heat for putting strawberry cream cheese on a jalapeño cheddar bagel. But WHY!? It’s not uncommon at all to pair sweet and spicy so how is this different? I took a bold leap that day when I ordered and I could only imagine what was going through that employee's mind when I stepped up to the counter with just absolute gleaming confidence and ordered that. I swear someone told me to try it but I cannot remember who and nobody has told me it was them… Is my memory just getting foggy from all this saturated fat? There is a very strong possibility. 


Regardless, it was LEGIT. And now here are some other bagel/sandwich combos I’ve seen that might be worth a try: 


First, a blueberry bagel with cannoli cream cheese. WOW. Sweetness overload 100% but I see the merit. I haven’t had cannoli cream cheese but if it’s anything like cannoli filling I will run through a brick wall to get my tongue on that. (TEC on a blueberry bagel also has been recommended). I personally have never had a blueberry bagel but I'm a confirmed blueberry guy in terms of the fruit game, so why should this be any less delicious? I'm sold. 


Next, Taylor Ham on a bagel with no egg or cheese, but instead CREAM CHEESE. What on earth? Tik Tok bagel lover Alix Earle has brought this order to headlines on the internet several times and local deli’s like Taliercio’s in Middletown, Beach Shack Deli in Point Pleasant Beach, and Baron’s Bagels in Brick have all been known to serve it. Judging by her videos it looks like she gets them from Baron’s because their bagels are the biggest I have ever seen and I can spot one from a mile away. Seems like such an odd combo but I guess don’t knock it til ya try it.


And lastly, a French Toast Bagel with not butter, not cream cheese, but PEANUT BUTTER. This may not be so strange of a combo, but I don’t think many people would ever think to put peanut butter on a bagel as their first choice. Shoutout to one of my best friends Caroline for introducing me to this pairing. There is of course a time and a place for this one but I have tried it and I can confirm it’s good. This all depends on the quality of the bagel though… Egg french toast bagels are miles better than non egg french toast bagels so make sure it’s on one of those bad boys. It’ll be a bit sticky but the flavors match well. If you toast it, beware of the melted peanut butter dripping all over your hands. You’ve been warned. 


Do you have any other unusual bagel combos that we need to try? If so, send me a DM or better yet a picture of your order! Talk soon, love you all.


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