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Rolls vs. Bagels

What's better for a breakfast sandwich?

September 19, 2023 by Kevin

After being at the helm of this page for a few years I now know the controversial topics in the breakfast game. Chup or no chup, bagel vs. roll, thick slices vs. thin slices, the list goes on and on. One thing that literal grown men tend to get their panties in a bunch over is the fact that I do my reviews on rolls. Is it really that hard to comprehend? Let’s take a look.


Firstly, I do reviews on rolls because I genuinely prefer them for sandwiches. With the amount of sandwiches I eat I cannot afford to stuff my gut to the point of permanent bloating by eating bagel sandwiches multiple times per week. I feel like absolute crap after I eat them, hence why I don’t do it. As much as I love to eat great food, I love my health even more (hard to believe I know.) My cardiologist would kill me if I didn’t at least TRY to manage my weekly carb overloads. 


Secondly, not every establishment offers bagels. Most deli’s don’t make their own bagels, they outsource them. So the bagels are coming from elsewhere anyway. To keep the scoring fair across the board I need to keep the base of the sandwich consistent. This is another thing that a shocking amount of people cannot comprehend. It’s not rocket science. I’m more concerned with the sandwich ingredients themselves rather than what it’s presented on. How many slices of Taylor, how many eggs, enough cheese?, it all matters way more than if it’s on a bagel. Arguing with people about this is like beating a dead horse lol.


And LASTLY, a sandwich on a bagel will usually ALWAYS slide around more than on a roll. Because of the structure of the bagel sandwich and how big it is when you squeeze down on the bite odds are the eggs and Taylor will squirt out the back of the sandwich. I don’t have time to play janitor when I eat breakfast. Most of the time people are going to eat it on the go and if you’re driving and eating a bagel sandwich god bless you because you’re gonna have a mess on your hands. 


Look, I don’t care if you get your sandwich on a roll or a bagel. But to say a sandwich is better on a bagel you need to expand your horizons and understand their are benefits to each carbohydrate. 


Like this blog? Send me other topics to write about. Love you all.


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Ricardo Gainda

8 months ago

100% agree, keep up the great work!

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8 months ago

a bad bagel can ruin the sandwich too

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